Most Police Officers need a good reference point when investing a burglary incident. Most of the time a picture of the perpetrator does not provide enough information for an investigation so the preferred choice for most Officers is a combination of the video and license plate number. Unfortunately license plate recognition is too costly to deploy. Presenting SNAP—designed to work with a standard color IP camera, SNAP can provide a cost effective tool to add to any existing security camera system. Ever wonder how you can enhance an existing surveillance system or add additional value to the camera pointing at the gate? Adding HD Protech’s SNAP vehicle image capturing system will allow you to sell more security camera solutions. In addition, SNAP is a simple vehicle capturing system that can coexist with any Windows® NVR server. SNAP can work on a standard PC running Windows® 7 or Windows® Embedded Standard 7. If you have a Windows® NVR, server, install SNAP on the same server to start capturing vehicles. Any standard IP camera supporting RTSP will work. While SNAP is not considered a License Plate Recognition system, it is close enough allowing you to actually see the plate of the vehicle. If an incident ever arises, you can provide law enforcement with not just the recorded video but also an image of the vehicle and license plate. Using Windows® Explorer, you can search for date and time. For an additional $30, you can purchase the option for SNAP to read the characters allowing you to search for partial plate numbers. For a more robust LPR system try our Intelligent License Plate Recognition, ILPR™, is designed not just for law enforcement but also ITS, traffic flow management, toll road management, parking monitor, fee based garages, etc.

    SNAP is a simple application designed to capture image of an object and enhance the distinctive features of the object . SNAP runs under Microsoft Windows® operating system as a service so you can set any existing IP based camera or DVR/NVR to stream video to SNAP.

    Low cost solution
    Runs on any Windows® based NVR
    Capture and store images
    Windows®7 OS (Embedded or Professional)

    Advantages of using SNAP

    • Super LOW PRICE
    • Ease of use – simple interface to use and search for data. (Our goal is to keep the manual below 20 pages)
    • No proprietary PC or Server requirements
    • Capture vehicle with emphasis on license plate cropping
    • Optional OCR
    • Record location, date and time
    • Can upgrade to ILPR™ Lite or Enterprise – credit for SNAP purchase if upgrade to ILPR™ within one year
    • No user login needed – SNAP runs as a service. Once the camera is set, SNAP continues to capture objects.
    • Works with standard IP cameras
    • Works with LPR cameras
    • Works with DVR/NVR that can stream via RTSP
    • Only need one camera to capture vehicle and plate
    • HD Protech managed service provide better solution over the Cloud
    • Robust and easy to configure
    SNAP - Object Capturing System



    Super LOW PRICE

    Capture vehicle (Free flow)

    Crop license plate from image

    Single camera to capture plate and overview

    Select from different manufacturer cameras/encoders (Additional manufacturers added each day)

    • Axis

      • Pelco

        • Samsung

          • Sony

            • UDP Technology

              • Vivotek

                Any cameras that support RTSP command

                Use standard Windows® Explorer to search for Date/Time

                Optional OCR to text file (comma delimited)

                Can easily be integrated with 3rd party CMS




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