September 2, 2014. HD Protech announces CITE, the next generation of body worn camera (BWC) with advanced features and fully integrated to our BWC Management System, C3 Partner. CITE has many new features designed with comments from active police officers. In addition, CITE has many usable accessories, including a desktop/vehicle docking station allowing for quick charge and upload; Easy attachments for external button camera and over-the-ear camera; remote control; and 24 Port Camera Distribution Station. Standard Kit includes docking station. Options include remote, enterprise class BWC video management software for managing over 10,000 units,

While the current version is a Windows based application, the next generation of HD Protech’s BWC management software, C3 Sentinel, will be web based and operate on multiple platforms (MAC, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.). For our Partners, this mean you can now offer cloud services. If you’re interested in becoming a beta tester, please contact our sales rep here.