Mass Transit

In our modern society transportation safety is an ever growing concern. Operators continue to search for cost effective ways to provide passenger and operational security in a very dynamic environment. ImDVR from HD Protech is the result of technology and innovation created by studying the transportation needs of a wide spectrum of industries involved in the movement of materials and people. Building on an established core solution ImDVR provides a truly mobile wireless product for vehicle tracking, alerts and both video recording and live real-time video access with intelligent data upload capabilities in a cost effective package.

Business needs the tools to operate effectively and in a cost conscious manner. HD Protech provides edge oriented mobile answers coupled with intelligent and comprehensive system management.  Together these solutions can help simplify complex administration, secure transportation of goods and services and ensure the ultimate safety of personnel and customers. ImDVR from HD Protech is designed with your business in mind. Whether operating a bus or shuttle service, moving freight or school children do it safely effectively and economically.