License Plate Recognition

Recent innovations have contributed to the adoption of Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR) as a crime deterrent.  In addition for perimeter security and access control applications, LPR are now used by Enterprise customers and well as traffic control.

Government agencies from Federal down to the local level are using LPR technologies to protect embassies, borders, facilities, airports and many .  Enterprises uses include security campuses and manufacturing facilities.

Intelligent Transportation Systems have been using LPR for traffic monitor and toll roads for over 10 years.  LPR technologies is a proven technology that not only helps protect our daily lives but also make our mobility lives a little easier.

Unfortunately, a complete license plate recognition system (LPR) is expensive to deploy especially for monitoring an area where high traffic occurs on certain time of the day.  Customers only choice is to purchase a complete system thus draining their budget.

The Intelligent License Plate Recognition system (ILPR) from HD Protech delivers an effective low cost solution that meets tight budget constraints while maintaining low cost of ownership through ease of deployment and maintenance.

Why spend high prices for a LPR solution only to view the data a few times a week or when there’s an incident?  Current LPR market has plenty of product deficiencies.  These deficiencies are:

  • High Cost
  • High Maintenance
  • Lack of management
  • Complicated designs and requirements
  • Closed architecture with no room to grow
  • Single purpose solution
  • Limited choice to a single manufacturer ONLY

 ILPR™ Technologies

night-highway-lights-2560x1600Most license plate reader systems consist of high-speed cameras and proprietary embedded PC like system with sophisticated computer algorithms capable of converting the images of license plates into computer-readable data.

LPR systems typically utilize specialized cameras designed to capture images of license plates, whether from fixed positions or mobile vehicles.  Images of vehicles, license plates and sometime occupants are the primary data collected by a LPR system.

Optical character recognition (“OCR”) is performed on these images and the alphanumeric characters on each license plate are rendered into an electronically readable format. LPR systems can attach date, time, and location information to an image.

HD Protech LPR technology is similar to most LPR Systems in the market with the exception of management.

  • Camera hardware – LPR camera, Overview, Occupant and Embedded x86 PC (LPR processor)
  • Scanner technology – OCR engine converting image to text. Usually called the LPR Engine. HD Protech has both fixed and free flow versions. Fixed are mostly used in mobile security trailers, ITS and parking applications. Free flow are mostly used in law enforcement vehicles or in moving vehicles.
  • Storage – temp storage, storage for analysis, storage for long term archival

  • Intelligent Communications – Route information to each appropriate source and destination
  • Maintenance – LPR data and databases maintenance and schedules. Data retention schemas
  • Comprehensive management – centralized management of the hardware, software, communication and LPR data maintenance. Monitor equipment and alert when equipment have malfunctioned or failed.

ILPR™ Architecture

HD Protech ILPR™ architecture is based on an open architecture that minimizes or preferably eliminates proprietary hardware, firmware or software. Where proprietary elements are present, our solutions will include provisions for customers to have accessed to data such that the third party can independently provide support for the system.

Modular design – Different features for different types of deployment

  • Features can be added without having to re-install
  • Upgrade from Lite Standard to Professional
  • Standalone LPR with gate controls integration
Enterprise editions provide Centralize Management

  • Make configuration changes and push it to the unit
  • Software update remotely
  • Database update schedule
  • Upgrade from Lite to Enterprise

Models Of ILPR™


  • Low cost to deploy
  • Fast vehicle capture plate without needing high end LPR Processors
  • Capture images only
  • Licensed base on per camera
  • Standalone deployment
  • Optional: Cloud Service Management

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ILPR Enterprise

  • Centralized Management with CMSS
  • Fixed and Mobile cameras support
  • More choices – 2 different LPR Engines available: Basic – Read Plates base on countries selected Enhanced – Same as Basic but can differentiate US States or Countries
  • LPR Engine License base on LPR Processor
  • No high end storage requires – uses standard DAS or NAS storage
  • Multipurpose uses: o Law Enforcement o ITS o Private Communities o Manufacturing Plants o Gate controls
  • Managed multiple ImDVR™ LPR Processors geographically o Map based view o Automated Alerts processes

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