February 26, 2014.  HD Protech releases the next version of ILPR™ Enterprise with over 50+ new features including the most anticipated feature, device management service (DMS).  DMS intelligently monitors and manages devices (Cameras, Switches, etc.) at the edge.  DMS responds automatically to device failures connected to the LPR Processors.

For example, if a camera is responding to ping but not streaming videos, DMS will initiate corrective actions to resolve the issue.  Advanced notification allows for easy maintenance or replacement of eminent equipment failure as all DMS actions are logged and can be reviewed at any any time.

Optional gate control module allows geographically management of gates from a single location.  With the new software release, HD Protech will also be releasing new ILPR™ Lite and Enterprise LPR Processors from different hardware manufacturers.  Click here for more information.