ILPR™ Comparison Chart

Intelligent License Plate Reader (ILPR ™ )
Software only solution for ODM/OEM
Embedded in firmware version available (OEM Only)
Complete turn-key system from HD Protech as well as OEM Partners
HD Protech Cloud Service
Support IP and “Analog” LPR Cameras (IR and White light)
LPR Processor – Windows® 7 Embedded Standard (WES7) support
Uses Machine and Log in ID for event tracking
Capture black and white as well as color plates
Multi-camera support
Run as a service
Vehicle Count (Every 15 minutes, every hour based on 24 hours)
Easy to use Image Browser
Image Filter Utility
Upgradable to ILPR ™ Enterprise
Optional Gate Control : Lite has basic Whitelist and User/Group Accounts. Enterprise version is more comprehensive - see Enterprise Gate Control Module below
Standalone Deployment
Cloud Deployment
Full Management Deployment
Microsoft SQL Server® Support
LDAP Support
CMSS “Management” Server – Windows® Server 2008 R2
User/Group Administration - Users and Groups access and privileges
US State or Countries Differentiation using 3rd Party LPR EnginesO
Camera association to vehicle or mobile trailer
Location or Geo-fencing of mobile trailer
OCR each vehicle license plate
Match against external database (databases must be assigned a color code)
Such as NCIC, TCIC, Registered Sex Offenders, Regional Wants/Warrants, BOLO (be on the lookout) vehicle, National Vehicle Location Service (NVLS)LE
Record GPS location
Send and log each “hit”
Display a list of “hits” license plate with date/time, GPS location, camera registering the hit, the “color coded” database that registered the “hit”
Multitasking for mobile – ILPR system continue to operate while the Operator review the “hit” plates. The Operator continues to be alerted if there are additional “hits”.LE
All “hits” are automatically “tagged” pending the Operator acknowledges.LE
Customize audible alerts to differentiate between unique eventsLE
Alert can be visually set as foreground regardless of application currently runningLE
The Operator can view the “hit” and has the capability to mark a license plate as a “misread.”
The Operator can manually enter a license plate for the purpose of searching license plate against the different databases.
The System provides the Officer/Operator with the capability to review all of the following: “hits” license plate images and associated data license plate searches performed by the Operator indicating the date and time the search was conducted.LE
When registering a “Hit”, system should display location of “hit” and all registered hits, including totaling how many time the vehicle has passed by each location(s)LE
Overview camera record of vehicle as it approach and pass by (admin config how many seconds)
Device Management Service (DMS) – Intelligent monitoring and managing of devices (Cameras, Switches, etc.) at the edge. DMS responds automatically to device failures connected to LPR Processors or ImDVR™ in-car DVR. All actions are logged and can be reviewed at a later time.
Automatic Device Restart - Camera respond to ping but not streaming videos
Automated Restart Network - Port Reset, Switch Reset, and Router Reset
Automated Service restart
Schedule restart of LPR Processors
Remote Reset LPR Processor, Cameras, Switch, Routers, etc.)
Logs all application restart
Logs all equipment issues
Automated Transfer
Secure File transfer capability (Download/Upload)
Automated download of data
Configurable transfer – by wireless or direct Ethernet
All uploads to a centralized management backend
Logs (at the Servers and LPR Processors)
Log all transfers (success and failures)
Log all searches
The System will provide the Operator/Officer with the ability to query the GUI application in the vehicle's in-car unit to determine if a particular license plate is currently stored in the System. LE
The IR License Plate ImageLE
The corresponding color overview image of the vehicleLE
The date and time the image was captured and the GPS coordinates of the captured dataLE
Identification of the Camera capturing the imageLE
Updated databases can be downloaded to all the units wirelessly or direct Ethernet.
Administrator can set profiles - As new data becomes available, Set time, and Manually
Enterprise Gate Control Module
Vehicle Registration
Assign to vehicle to a location, zone, etc.
Blacklist – notifies or logged entry attempts
Banned List– notifies or logged entry attempts
Guest List
Basic schedule access
Temporary access
Registered Locations: Area, Zones, Garages, Gates
Registered vehicle to Locations
Single location
Multiple locations
Define Gates (Enter / Exit)
Alerts (all alerts are logged)
Over time limit set or Overstay
Global default time limit for alert (enable or disable)
Vehicle tries to access unauthorized locations
Global Options – Obscure “authorized” plates
All temporary access vehicles
All vehicle overtime limit
Frequency Report
How many times did the vehicle enter
How many vehicle pass each hour in 24 hour period
Multiple GPIO Manufacture Support
Centralized Management Surveillance Systems for ILPR™ Enterprise Only
Support Windows® 7 Professional, Windows® Server 2008 R2
Single server install
Client/Server install
C3 Studio – Provide an easy to use interface for the Administrator to set up the ImDVR™ unit without having to visit the vehicle. All ILPR™ Processors get the latest config version from C3 Studio.
Access account management
Schedule allowable access
Add employee picture
Allow access to certain modules
LDAP support
Cameras set up
Multi-vendor support
Location Profile Setup
Zones, Gates, Units, etc.
User/Group Profile Setup
Schedule Setup
GPIO Profile set up
Create and define multiple inputs channels
Create and define multiple input to output channels
Saved unlimited channel definitions – allows triggered alerts to be identified
Vehicle profiles
Define vehicle classes
Define vehicle groups
System wide configuration
Prefix audio alert – define how alerts should be announced. Default is ALERT, ALERT, ALERT
Set default map engine. Default is OpenStreet Map
Set LDAP Server connection
C3 Operations – Provide an easy to use interface for monitoring all ILPR™ Processors as well as all mobile trailer units in the field. C3 Operations also provide an alert management console with real time alerts monitoring
Easy to use interface
Intelligent alert notifications
Monitor alerts from LPR Processors
Alerts notice app in task bar
ILPR “hit” alerts
Categorized by law enforcement databases (NCIC, RSO, BOLO, VOI, etc.)
Search for plate in near real-time (as data arrives to the backend server)
Search for partial plate
Search for plate by date
Search based on location, zones, or unit name
Receive alerts on vehicle access in realtime
With interconnection with "External" databases, vehicle information can be displayed
Display plate capture history
Display frequency of capture on map
Canned Reports available
Receive alerts if camera or LPR Processor has failed through DMS
√ – Included, O – Optional (additional cost may apply), LE – Law Enforcement Only


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