Advanced new features have been added to C3 Sentinel!
HD Protech has added new features and capabilities in the latest release of C3 Sentinel, SP1, a media evidence management system for Body Worn Cameras (BWC). C3 Sentinel will work with most 3rd party Body Worn Cameras available in the market today. This gives our customers a wide range of choices while providing a leading edge software solution to manage the logistics of large scale camera video while keeping the economics of your business or department in mind.


With the current version we support the automated process of assigning cameras to users.  However it requires the use of a camera that supports docking. In this release the Check-in and Check-out of cameras now works with any standard USB hub charging station.  No proprietary docking base is needed.


Easy to use REDACT feature removes the tedious steps of securing (pixelate) video and images.Select a specific area to secure or an area to view and C3 Sentinel does the rest automatically.


Traditional video transfer between camera and storage requires uploading from the camera to a local PC hard drive and queuing the transfer to the backend storage. With our enhanced feature: Zero Footprint Transfer™ (ZFT), the encrypted data is queued in memory and transferred to the backend storage leaving no data on the hard drive.