HD Protech Body Worn Camera Solution

In the early 1990’s dash cameras emerged as a new technology for capturing real-time contact between police officers and the public. Despite early resistance to the dashboard camera by officers the technology led to improvements in officer safety, accountability and reduced agency liability. As a result dash cameras have been widely embraced by law enforcement and have proven their worth in the courts and public relations.

Over the past few years the Body Worn Camera (BWC) has emerged as the new technology to replace dash cameras in smaller budget constrained departments while complementing dash cameras in larger law enforcement agencies.

Innovation in the field of Body Worn Cameras has redefined video capture implementation not just for law enforcement but private security and their operating procedures when BWC is deployed.

There are numerous reasons to use BWC as standard issue equipment. In addition to its normal use in the field many agencies are leveraging BWC in criminal investigations as a means of capturing evidence to decrease frivolous lawsuits. It provides the means to improve efficiency and effectiveness as an extension of police authority especially if force is required.

HD Protech saw the potential benefits of BWC back in 2000 and began to develop solutions for private security, first responders and law enforcement agencies. Our initial entry into the market supported many third party cameras which we integrated in our media management product C3 Partner.

After several years of deployment and use, customer feedback, comments, usage analysis and in-depth analysis of other products in the market space we have developed the next generation of BWC and video media management software addressing the concerns, requirements and needed enhancements to satisfy our customer base.

HD Protech is proud to introduce the CITE M1G2 Body Worn Camera and the C3 Sentinel management solution. Together the CITE M1G2 and C3 Sentinel management system provide a comprehensive answer for your body worn camera needs and media management.

BWC Benefits
  • Improve Evidence Gathering
  • Increase Arrest and Prosecution
  • Increased Transparency and Legitimacy
  • Improved People and Police Officer Behavior
  • Reduce Complaints
  • Reduce Lawsuits
  • Great Training Tool for Officers

    CITE Model M1G3

    HD Protech introduces CITE, the second generation Body Worn Camera (BWC) designed using feedback from over twenty five law enforcement agencies worldwide. The CITE camera is engineered as a multi-role BWC providing both overt and covert operation using optional attachments.

    The rigorous requirements that law enforcement demands have been addressed such as longer recording time between charging, file access permission, docking station, GPS and many other features.

    When matched with C3 Sentinel, our media management solution, CITE offers comprehensive automation when deploying and managing cameras, media files and metadata.

    Primary Features
    Unique Features

    Advantages of using CITE

    • Secure without needing to enter Password to upload
    • Ruggedized – Waterproof and Dustproof (IP66)
    • Simple Single Push Button Function
    • Administrator Controls – Configurable access to camera features via software. No need for Officers to enter password at the camera to access camera options.
    • GPS Tracking
    • Multi-Language Support for multinational law enforcement agencies
    • Proven Deployment – Over 10,000 units deployed
    • Trouble free Operations – Easy to use via single button push command
    • C3 Sentinel Standard included
    • Automated distribution of camera without user intervention using DDS
    • HD Protech Comprehensive SITA Warranty allows for replacement unit to be overnighted and/or placed at the same location for easy swap out
    • Branding available for OEM Partners

    BWC Data Management – C3 Sentinel

    C3 Sentinel represents a major upgrade and step forward from C3 Partner, our camera media management solution. C3 Sentinel is our most comprehensive Body Worn Camera (BWC) management system to date and is a direct result of customer input and market requirements by both law enforcement and private security agencies. While C3 Sentinel works best with our CITE camera it is not limited and can support any media device that captures and stores media files including attached scanners.

    C3 Sentinel presents an easy to use and logical interface allowing users to focus on the media files important to them and provide the tools needed to optimize workflow. You can organize, categorize, group, view and search files with ease. C3 Sentinel also delivers complete media retention services to improve data storage based on defined polices and provide archival capabilities that are fully logged.

    C3 Sentinel includes many new features that help automate and streamline camera uploads, client software updates and intelligent monitoring of data storage. A new enhanced video pixilation process protects privacy concerns when releasing video to resources outside the agency.

    This represents just a few of the new and enhanced features of C3 Sentinel, additional features are listed below.

    Multi-Language Support
    Advanced Video Management Tools (AVMT)
    Collaboration features
    LDAP (Active Directory) support
    More manufactures cameras support
    Updated Retention Management Services
    Integrated with Distributed Docking Station allows for easy check-in/check-out of BWC Units.
    Enhanced group/user permissions
    Mark and add event notes to video
    Low cost entry pricing
    Unlimited User accounts
    Low cost NAS support
    Simple to use interface
    Unrestricted Body Camera upload
    Media management
    Video review management
    Administrator tools
    Chain of Custody
    Burn to CD/DVD
    Retention Policy Settings
    Incident Reports
    Media File Sets

    C3 Sentinel Features List

    C3 Sentinel Body Worn Camera Management
    Client/Server architecture
    ImDVR™ In-Car Unit Integration
    Shared database
    Multi-Language Support – Arabic, Australian/UK (English), Brazil (Portuguese), Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian and Welsh.
    Standalone Deployment (Single Camera support)
    Support 3rd Party Body Worn Camera
    Incident File Tracking
    Incident tracking
    Add notes to case
    Add comments to images and videos
    Comprehensive search capability
    By Date/Time
    By File Type
    By Classifications
    By Security Level
    By Set Name
    Advanced Video Management Tools
    Crop and save video without damaging the original file
    Display location of image taken using EXIF data
    Enhanced crop and save video segments to new file without damaging original video file
    Support Primera CD/DVD burners and printers
    Video playback
    Display location on map
    Snapshot during video playback
    Image filter to assist in analysis
    Burn to CD/DVD
    New Image Filters
    Face detection/pixelation tool
    Tag and add event notes to files – searchable
    Star ratings for easier search
    Twain Scanner support (scan documents directly to C3 Sentinel)
    Add pictures or videos from other sources
    Attachments no longer restricted to just videos and images. Attach non media files, videos and images even from 3rd party in-car DVR or body worn cameras.
    Multivendor mapping technology support
    Comprehensive search by Date/Case/Classifications
    Comprehensive search by Officer
    Low cost NAS support
    Collaboration features
    Files shared between Officers and Commanding Officers
    Multi-User support
    Secure Transfer
    Automated upload of video and metadata when you plug in your BWC
    Chain of Custody
    All user activities are logged allowing for Chain of Custody
    Logs all requests
    Log all transfers (success and failures)
    Log all searches
    Activity Report
    Export to CSV (Excel) or HTML
    Data Retention Services (DRS) - Intelligent monitor of data storage. By setting retention policy, LPR data will be archived or remove based on the set policy. DRS provides a complete hands-off solultion satisfying most privacy concerns about data retention and removal.
    Automate transfer of between primary and archive storage location
    Initiate base on days
    Initiate base on category
    Full erase base on set policy
    Retention Policy Settings (Professional Only)
    User configurable for automated moving and deletion of media
    Set time to move files from storage to retention and purge from system (logged)
    Support Unlimited Storage Devices
    Support Distributed Storage Devices
    LDAP (Active Directory)
    Secure File transfer capability (Download/Upload)
    All uploads to a centralized management backend
    Multi- camera charging and uploading station available
    Automatic Assignment of CITE camera with Officer’s check in/out
    Badge ID and PIN to check out camera
    Camera asset tracking
    Assign and re-assign cameras (automated or manual process)
    Track Camera Inventory
    Multiple mapping technologies (over 35) – Openstreet, Google, Bing, etc.
    Comprehensive control of system rights and user permissions
    Enhanced group/user permissions with RBAC support
    Comprehensive canned reports
    Professional version runs on Microsoft SQL or PostgreSQL
    Battery life now part of the logs when checking camera in and out.
    Hardware Agnostic—Support Android® and iOS® cameras
    Standalone version includes with CITE body worn camera
    Incident Set Management
    Assign user defined classifications to all files
    All files associated with original owner (officer)
    Add unlimited notes to any file type
    Unlimited User accounts (license based on per camera and not per workstation or user)
    Coming with the next Service Release (2015)
    Hybrid Cloud Deployment Support (Windows® app with Cloud Services)
    Full Cloud Deployment Support (HTML5 based)
    –- Included, O -– Optional (additional cost may apply), LE -– Law Enforcement Only


    END OF SALE: 12/31/2016

    Product Features1. 1GB DDR2. Built-in Linux system
    2. Full HD 1080P-30fps, 720P-30 to 60fps, D1-30fps, H.264 encode
    3. 5M pixels cmos sensor, 130°angle lens, Auto IR cut
    4. Wireless remote control optional
    5. Over-the-ear/Sunglasses/Button camera attachment
    6. Bear machine 2M drop resistance, IP66 dustproof and waterproof
    1. Ambarella based A7
    2. HD 1080P-30fps, 720P-30fps, 480P-30fps, H.264 encode
    3. 5M pixels cmos sensor, 140°angle lens, with distortion correction
    4. Low-light sensor
    5. IP65 protection
    6. Bear machine 2M drop resistance, dustproof and waterproof
    CameraIndustrial IP66 1080P Body Worn Camera, Waterproof, ShockproofIndustrial IP66 1296P Body Worn Camera, Waterproof, Shockproof
    Megapixel5.0 Megapixel5.0 Megapixel
    Lens130° Wide Angle(170°V/123°H) 140° Wide Angle (No Distortion)
    IR-CutAuto switch D&N according to light changeAuto switch D&N, Manual or Disable
    Photo resolution5M/8M/12M/16M JPG, laser positioning5M/8M/12M/16M,8X digital zoom, Laser positioning
    Zoom8X Digital zoom8X Digital zoom
    Video resolution1080P, 720P, D11296P, 1080P, 720P, D1
    Recording Speed1080 @ 30fps, 720P @ 60fps, 30fps D11296 @ 30fps 1080 @ 30fps, 720P @ 60fps, 30fps, D1 @ 30fps
    Recording formatH.264H.264
    AudioHigh-sensitivity mic, support separate recording, WAV
    High-sensitivity mic, support separate recording, WAV
    Display Screen2" Color LCD Screen with Protection Glass, Resolution: 640x480 (60mm/2.4" Diagonal View)HD Highlight 2.0 LTPS TFT LCD 640X480 (60mm/2.4" Diagonal View)
    IR LED light4 IR Lights 3-5M Auto On/Off4 IR led, auto IR cut, up to 10m
    White LightsYesYes
    Focus Range0.5M0.5M
    Working illumination<0.1 LUX<0.1 LUX
    Shutter SpeedElectric: 1/2 - 1/2000sElectric: 1/2 - 1/2000s
    White BalanceAutoAuto
    Boot time> 3 Seconds> 3 Seconds
    Storage Size (Internal / Removable)32G Micro SD (Larger capacity available)32GB TF card, 64GB Max,1GB recording time 11min/1080P,24min/720P,60min/D1
    Estimated Standby-timeAbout 24 HoursAbout 24 Hours
    Estimated Continuous Record4.0H (1080P); 5H (720P); 8H(D1), (GPS/LCD/IR off)5.4H(1080P); 8H.3(720P); 13.4H(480P)
    LCD/IR off
    Battery2500mA Polymer Lithium, Charging Time: Est. 4 hr.3000 mA polymer battery, direct charger, 4 hour charging time
    Data interfaceUSB2.0, ChargeUSB2.0, Charge
    Integrated GPSYes. Video and Photo. GPS Lock 30 seconds to 2 minutesYes. Video and Photo. GPS Lock 30 seconds to 2 minutes
    GSM ModuleOptional for use as S.O.S or TrackingN/A
    Password AccessYes. Software allows changes to settings. Password requires for delete and changesYes. Software allows changes to settings. Password requires for delete and changes
    ID SecurityUnique ID Number/Unit. Officer Badge ID/NameUnique ID Number/Unit. Officer Badge ID/Name
    Operating Temp.-10° to 50° C-10° to 60° C
    Storage Temp.-20° to 60° C-20° to 60° C
    Working Humidity10%-80%10%-80%
    ClipABS Clip MountsABS Clip Mounts
    Wear modeShoulder/Belt Wear Clip includedShoulder/Belt Wear Clip included
    Vehicle working modeVehicle Docking and Charger Vehicle Docking and Charger
    Dimension105 × 61.5 × 28 mm94 x 60 x 31mm (3.7”x2.4”x1.2”)
    Weight181g (6.4 oz)165g (5.3 oz)
    Ingress ProtectionIP66IP66
    Drop test1.5M1.5M
    ChargerUSB chargeable, Wall Charger, Car Charger includedUSB chargeable, Wall Charger, Car Charger included
    Housing materialABS, Dust Proof, Shock ProofABS, Dust Proof, Shock Proof
    Intercom interfaceCompatible with market intercomCompatible with market intercom
    Remote ControlIncluded - Effective up to 2.5M (433MHz)N/A
    Estimated Recording File Size1080P: ~800M/10mins (30fps)
    720P: ~600M/10mins (30fps)
    D1: ~125M/10mins (30fps)
    1296P: ~1.2GB/10mins (30fps)
    1080P: ~800M/10mins (30fps)
    720P: ~600M/10mins (30fps)
    D1: ~125M/10mins (30fps)
    Video / Audio Recoding FormatMOV / WAVMOV, MP4 / WAV
    Docking StationIncluded with camera. For use as Desktop or VehicleIncluded with camera. For use as Desktop or Vehicle
    Distribution Docking Station Download/ChargingUp to 24 cameras. Available Q4 2014Up to 8 cameras (IDS8-M1G3) integrated Network, touchscreen, etc.
    Distribution Station MountVESA 400Wall mount
    Automated Camera Check In/Out Capabilitywith Distribution Docking Station. Touchscreen accesswith Distribution Docking Station. Touchscreen access
    Standalone Management Software IncludedCITE Utility ToolCITE Configuration Tool
    Enterprise Management SoftwareOptional: C3 SentinelOptional: C3 Sentinel Release 5 (EMS Release 6 HTML version coming soon)
    Standard AccessoriesUser Manual (PDF download); Long and Short Clip; Car Charger; DC Charger; and USB cable User Manual (PDF download); Two Clips; Car Charger; DC Charger; and USB cable
    Optional: AccessoriesRemote Control, HDMI Cable, External Camera (Over the ear, Sunglasses and button), Radio Cable.HDMI Cable, External Camera, Radio Cable.
    CertificationsFCC, CE, RoHSFCC, CE, RoHS


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